2015 Dates Announced!

cleanjakeFriday Aug 7th Jake’s Burlesque Bachelor Party! click HERE for info.
Saturday Aug 8th Annual Jake the Alligator Man 75th Birthday Party & Car Show click HERE for info.
Click HERE for Sat. Schedule
Vintage Trailer HERE
Enter Bride of Jake HERE
Entertainment Lineup 2015
Friday Aug 7th
Saturday Aug 8th
Bride of Jake Pinup Contest!




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What they said 2014

What a weekend! Words can’t express my love for the Jake weekend. Thanks to Wendy, Del, Joy, Missy, Vintage Roadside, and everyone else who helps put this weekend together! Special thanks to Amanda, aka Betty Rocker Clothing, for my beautiful outfit, and to Keri and Max for being such gracious hosts. Thanks to Traci for being my bonfire buddy and everyone who came out and had a great time. I got some pretty great snuggles in this weekend, too. I love my Jake family!
– Kitty Mansfield
p.s. I know I missed a few tags, but it quit working on my phone!
Had an awesome time partying and hanging with everyone. These past few days were awesome. Thanks, you guys, for showing me and the boys a good time.
– OzzySixx
We would like to thank Lucky Cupcake Hairclips and Wendy Murry for putting on such a killer event!! We know how much time it takes to put an event together, let alone one with multiple bands, burlesque, cars..etc. We had a blast!!! Can’t wait till next year!! Thank you all!!
– Shaun Toman
Time to bid Jake the Alligator Man farewell until next year…this weekend was a blast! Jake has a kind of cult following and the members are some of the best folks I have ever met!
-Kelly Cady
Had such a fabulous weekend!! Thanks so much to all of the folks who work so hard to throw such an amazing party. This is my favorite summer tradition and I couldn’t ask for better folks to share it with. I am absolutely full of love and clam chowder!! Can’t wait for next year.
-Luna Landing

Jake the Alligator Man’s Birthday event proves once again to be one of the best events I get to be a part of. Thank you, Jake, for being the sexy beast you are. Thanks to the Jake Family for being wonderful to the Nightshades.
-Nina Nightshade

Huge shout out to Wendy & Del Murry for throwing one of the most awesome events around! Joy Garcia-Roughton, you and Bob Roughton are the bee’s knees. All of you crazy Deviants Car Club Kats are top shelf! Hatchet Mike Roberts and Kitty Mansfield, it is always so awesome to see you! Already can’t wait for next year!
-Nathan Ring Leader Linkof

THANK YOU, JAKE! I had such a blast this weekend in Long Beach, can’t wait for next year!
-Lauren Elizabeth, aka The Illustrious Ms. Hattie Hotpants

I had so much fun at Jake’s birthday bash! I loved seeing all of my favorite people at my favorite event!!! I’m already excited for next year! ~ Kosmic Kate Bardonski

-Melanie Rocknrollruby

It was a long ass drive to Jake Alligatormanevent and then back home, but very worth it!!! Hanging with the hotrod family and seeing friends we have not seen in quite a while made for a great day!!!!
-Ray MrBombshell

If I could live any day over and over again (like in the movie Groundhog Day), one of my top choices would be this last Saturday at the Jake Alligatormanevent. So many beautiful ladies to photograph, friends to visit, a really good meal at Coastal Candy Company, and the full version of the Doors “L.A. Woman” on the radio driving back.
-Steve Puvogel

Now THATS how you do a weekend!!!! Thanks to all my Jake Alligatormanevent friends for an outstanding weekend! That was a blast!!!!
-Vincent Drambuie

Hey, Jake didn’t pick me this year, but I got to spend some time with great friends and got to sing in front of an audience (not counting karaoke…!) for the first time in my entire life- talk about scary! Thank you to the organizers of Jake Alligatormanevent, Lucky Cupcake Hairclips, and to my flyboy for putting up with my pin up pageant fantasies this summer.
-Sammie Marie
There’s a reason I got this Jake Alligatormanevent tattoo. Four years ago, my friend Jeff Kunkle of Vintage Roadside told me about this birthday for Jake, so Jen and I drove Walt 400 miles up to Long Beach, Washington and back. Walt took Jake’s choice his first time up there- the car dad and I built! I met a ton of great people that have become lifelong friends. The next year, the event got a little bigger and a little better. A few of the same bands played again and the people I met were there. The next year was bigger and better than the year before. New bands, a couple of the same favorites- more people, more cars, more potential wives for the Bride of Jake Pinup Contest. This weird little show has become this weird family reunion of sorts. Some people we see throughout the year, but most only once a year at Jake’s. So this tattoo represents taking Walt out on his first major road trip and winning the most coveted trophy to end all trophies and the friendships that have been formed because of this show. So that’s where we need to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!! to Wendy Murry, Joy Garcia-Roughton, and Missy Lucy Dagger Bageant, and their hard work for this weird little show that brought all these people that have become friends from this. Del Murry for his hosting of the show, the bands, the artists that contribute, and the small businesses that donate to the show! There’s a ton of people that I didn’t tag so please tag away!!!!!
-Brett Freeman
Some of the things I overheard at Jake Alligatorman’s birthday:
“I remember I was in the parking lot of the hotel in my underwear…dude, sh*t got weird man…real weird”
“All I remember was I was holding her boob (motions to girlfriend) and eating a cheeseburger…yeah…it was a cheeseburger.”
(A friend looking at his friend)- “Dude, did you pee in the VCR again this year?”
“Dude, did I just accidently touch your butt?”
“Yeah, it’s cool…wanna another shot on purpose though?”
“Sure…don’t make it weird though.”
“Hey. For a quarter we can go see the squirting clam.”
Again…thanks, Jake. ~ Collected by Brett Freeman

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2014 Annual jake the Alligator Man Birthday Party & Car Show

This year we threw a FIESTA to celebrate Jake!













Hopeless Jack and the Hansom Devil played the Bachelor Party held at the Long Beach Elks Lodge.








Burlesque was emceed by
Vincent Drambuie Featuring Nina Nightshade.
friday talent













With extraordinary performances by
Alex Kennedy
Hattie Hotpants
Sophie Maltease
Sugar Kane

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Bride of Jake contestants 2014

ENTER the Bride of Jake Contest!

LaBella Rosa

Attracted by the festivities of Jake’s birth day party, this Flower
fairy flitted away from her roses at the Painted Lady Lavender Farm
just long enough to join in the fun Because as you know Fairies love
to party. Will she catch the eye of the Lizard King Jake with her
magical dancing? We will have to wait and see.

Courtney  and Jenny


Courtney & Jenny are local girls! After graduating Ilwaco high they blew this little town and continued their education south of the boarder. Majoring in the fine art of partying!  specifically the tequila pour, bar top dancing, bull fighting and fumando hierba. They are back and ready to show us what FIESTA means!


Marie-Claude Samson aka Sammie Marie










Sammie Marie is from Seattle Washington but born in the Polar Mexican
land of Canadia where alas no river reptilian dwells. she is a Pin Up
and vintage model and says she would love to spend a year in marital bliss
with the cold blooded dashing wonder known as Jake. She plans to woo
him with a French love letter that she composed on the day we met
at Kustom Kulture this year… It’s ok, Sofia said we could share. New in the ways of pageantry but has a jovial and quirky disposition (and the small margarita flavored feeding game she hides in her pockets) will sway those who meet her to consider her undying
adoration for the undulating phenomenon that is Jake the Alligator
Man! OLE! Cceck out Sammie Marie Pinup Girl on Facebook HERE!



This is April’s first pinup contest and we think she is she is a dazzling! She is a mom of 4 who has summered in Long Beach since she was a baby and carries on the tradition with her kids. A car sales woman and self proclaimed car junkie, she can tear them apart and put them back together and doesn’t mind getting dirty!  “When it comes to cars I’m all in!”  SHe also professes a love of anything  Mexican and or Spanish, the culture, food, music, clothing all of it. April is really excited about the contest and we are excited to have her!


 “La Reina”









Mi amore es Jake! Viva La Reina y Jake for 2014!

The Return of Bayou Bettie!














We are thrilled to have Bayou Bettie back “Third times a charm!”
The Bayou Bettie returns for her third attempt at winning Jakes heart per special request. Specializing in the sultry sass that can only be cultivated in the South, Bayou Bettie brings unique energy and ingenuity to the stage with every performance. Always a joy to watch, to behold her beauty is what makes performing an art form.” “A force from the Bayou, this Bettie comes on strong and leaves a glittery mark wherever her well decorated heel lands. A veteran classic burlesque performer and eight time published pinup model she will entice the audience with her period inspired costumes, lavish set pieces and gorgeous dances. Always a show stopper Bayou Bettie leaves her audience in giddy delight.”

Bride of Jake Mysterious Margaret
(aka) Wiggles McButterpants

Bride of Jake Sapphire Storm

We are excited to announce the return of Sapphire Storm to the Bride of Jake Pinup Contest!














She is back! After taking a long vacation South Of The Border to
soothe her broken heart, Sapphire Storm is back to win Jake’s heart!
She is even more muy caliente! She will cha cha her way into his heart
and serenade him with a song of love and passion.
I am a hard working gal who works many hours but she is always
finding time to visit Jake in her home town of Long Beach Washington!
She spends hours visiting Jake stealing scaly kisses when she can.
She hopes that soon she will no longer have to steal anymore
kisses and be his bride once and for all!

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Thank you Cysciborg Arts

Thank you Cysciborg Arts and artist Moon Kimara for the amazing donation!



A walnut stained bat skull is featured on this visually stunning, hand crafted pendant. It’s encircled by ruby red and smoke grey Swarovski crystals, is brimming with intricate metal detail, and draws the eyes downward to the blood red crystal that offers the perfect finishing touch to this unique piece. Fusing the primitive with the proper, this necklace is a deserving center piece for any dark ensemble.

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Classic Bikes to be Raffled!









A couple of bikes with a very romantic history.
The Women’s bicycle is over 40 years old but you’d never know it by riding
it. Darn good looking, has the get-go of a dog in heat and the curves of her
frame are breath taking. Even the seat is still in amazing condition. This
bike can climb the steepest inclines with ease and coast right back down
with amazing moves. There has been countless hours of love and attention
invested. The restoration process was slow and thoughtful time was taken
in preparation to reach the maximum climax you see today. There was a lot
of careful rubbing off of the old corrosion built up over the years and many
more thoughtful hours and love polishing it up with great hopes of a future
with the Men’s bike. Overall, this bike is an older gal but in terrific shape,
drop dead gorgeous and in great ridable condition for the next one that
straddles the seat. As an added bonus, this bike comes with a large
basket which is great for packing around extra baggage.
The Men’s bicycle will need very little restoration. It has been busy taking
care of the Womans bike first and unfortunately, let himself go a bit.This
trusty bike has been kicked over, forgotten and left on the ground a few
times. There are some visible scars on the fenders but nothing that the
right person couldn’t fix up swiftly. There is good news, all the parts work
really well! The spokes are tight and straight, the bearings roll smooth and
the wheels and pedals can…well, pump for hours day or night.The frame is
sturdy and handsom, the sprocket and chain work in perfect harmony and
with a little time and compassion, this bike will be ready for a good ride
once again. Even at this age, the kick stand still extends to it’s fullest
capability and can hold up this bike (and hers) for eternity. The tires are
worn out and will need to be replace and…blown…up to regain traction and
direction along with new handlebar grips to hold hands with.
These two bicycles are the perfect pair for the right home. They were
designed for class, individuality and timeless style. They have weathered
many storms over the years but keep pedaling right along like there is no
Author and donor remain a anonymous fan of the event.

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