Miss Spooky!

Imagine our delight when this entry came in! The first 2017 Bride of Jake Contestant Miss Spooky! We are thrilled to welcome a true queen of the sideshow (aka) Queen of Pain to the contest!
Miss Spooky is world class side show performer. Most, recently performing with Ward Hall’s World of Wonders. The World of Wonders is, in fact the last traveling ten in one circus side show left in the world today!
Miss Spooky notorious for performing such dangerous stunts as dancing on broken glass, climbing a ladder of swords, the human pincushion, meditating on beds of nails, and escaping from a straitjacket suspended by her ankles. These acts have rightfully earned her the nickname “Queen of Pain”. After many years of being out with the carnival, Miss Spooky is looking to settle down and she has only one man in mind.