5th Annual 75th Recap

Drag Strip Riot

Kate, Kitty and Monica

Cottage Bakery Cake on the back of Frank. No gluten free here - just good old fashion cake!

This year the weekend started with a Bachelor Party for Jake at the Long Beach Elks, hosted by world renowned burlesque emcee Vincent Drambuie.

Uncle Eerie and Vincent Drambuie

The finest West Coast burlesque was provided by the Infamous Nina Nightshade and The Rose City Shimmy Girls. The Twangshifters, led by Sara Queen Pirate, closed the show with a rousing set. Sara was also a Bride of Jake Contestant the next day; she is a power house of talent and beauty and charmed Jake with her painted lady snake charming ways.

Hai Fleisch

Day two under sunny skies at Funland Field Jake hosted a car show. Jake’s Choice Award, created by William Bivens, was presented to Derick Tall, owner of Frank a 1941 Chevy 1 1/2 ton farm truck  with a 1954 235 straight 6 that’s never been taken out after it was installed. Outside is all Frankenstein’s Monster – stitched together, rough welds, rusty green patina. Inside is Dr. Frankenstein lab with an electric chair for a drivers seat, test tubes, body parts and various electrical instruments that make the Jacobs ladder on the hood crackle and the fabricated 5 foot high working V twin Tesla Coils on the back shoot out frightening electrical bolts that light up the night time sky like a wild lightening storm. You really need to see this truck in person to get all the attention to detail Derick and the Cherry City Bombers have put into it. See video below.

Jakes Choice by William Bivens


See scenes from the Bachelor Party and Frank light up in this video from Sundog Productions.

The Peoples Choice, created by Wyatt Teitzel, went to Bub Johnson of the Driven Dead car club, who put on the Rose City Roundup in Portland OR, owner of Hank a 1952 Ford F1 truck. It was originally a farm truck from California; the farmer who owned it said, ‘We call him ‘Hank,’ take good care of him!”

Bub Johnson, winner of Peoples Choice


Hank ‘s updates are a fresh motor, disc brakes in the front… He has been 4 different shades of paint but now has a fresh coat of John Deere Blitz Black. A few other things needed to be fixed or updated  and now Hank is part of the Driven Dead and Johnson family!


Uncle Eerie & Stinky

Dingo & Olive

The stage show was emceed by Uncle Eerie and opened with sideshow by Dingo Dismal and Olive Rootbeer, then the band Wave Sauce (a trio from Portland) played a mix of pulp, surf, and spyfi, offering the unique sounds of the Theremin.

wave sauce

The Infamous Nina Nightshade

Brides of Jake

A parade of pirates and pinups, led by Frank and a police car, delivered cake for 400 to Marsh’s Free Museum, home of Jake the Alligator Man.

Drag Strip Riot

Back on the main stage Drag Strip Riot rocked our the crowed followed by the corner stone of the event: the Bride Of Jake Pinup Contest, a Lucky Cupcake Production, hosted by Delvis and co hosted by the Infamous Nina Nightshade.

Bride of Jake contestants with host Delvis

Every year Jake takes a bride; this year the emphasis was on sideshow and the contestants brought it, from a Lobster Girl to a Bearded Lady to a Painted Lady Snake Charmer and many more sideshow inspired beauties.

Monica Midnight 2011 Bride of Jake with Katy Kosmic 2011 Bridesmaid of Jake

The winner of the Brides maid of Jake went to Kosmic Kate, an extraterrestrial sex kitten, and the title of Bride of Jake went to third year competitor Monica Midnight, who, in a failed attempt to gain Jake’s hand last year when her voodoo love potion blew back in her face, was transformed into a stunning half woman half gator – and Jake had to have her as his own.

the Shivering Denizens

The Shivering Denizens, a honky/tonk outlaw country outfit from Seattle, and the Graceland Five, who do Elvis as if he had a Punk Rock backing band, were very well received by the crowd and finished things up on the main stage.

the Graceland Five

Throughout the day the Beards Hollow Pirates entertained the kids and adults alike with games and antics. There was also a bouncy house mixed in with the pirates sideshow, hot rods, pinups and, as quoted by a teen on the field, effin freaks! The whole event ended with a show at the LBT with the Cherry City Deadbeats and a bonfire on the beach. All in all the event, grown through connections with fantastic  artists and entertainers, each year gets bigger and better and we look forward to the event growing and evolving. The sky is the limit for this event!

Bachelor Party & Frank






Monica Kitty and Katy

Stunt Jake the Alligator Man with gift baskets for the brides



Sara, Nina, Uncle Eerie & Bayou Betty

Sara Queen Pirate


Lobster Girl


Pinup Dollies

Joy (aka) Lucky Cupcake, Yard Bird, and the girls

Max creates the chatchkis we give to car show entrants such as the Lucky Jake Paw

The amazing shirt Vintage Roadside created that we SOLD OUT of because it is soooo cool!

The amazing shirt Vintage Roadside created that we SOLD OUT of because it is soooo cool!

Photo credits for these photos got to Jeff Kunkle of Vintage Road Side www.vintageroadside.com and David Ostrand of shankz Mini Golf  http://www.facebook.com/shankzminigolf

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