Each year, a contest is held to choose the honorary “Bride of Jake” – contestants are judged on their costume, overall appearance, and their response to a special question about Jake.  Unofficial judging begins Friday evening during Jake’s Bachelor Party, continuing during the Birthday Parade, and official judging takes place at the Veteran’s Field stage beginning at 3:00 PM Saturday, August 1.

In a past year’s contest, twelve lovely ladies competed for the coveted title, including such varied characters as Catlin the Lobster Girl, born with lobster claws and thus abandoned on the banks of the Chehalis River; Marie Love’Bow, a voodoo gypsy from Louisiana; and Jessica the Bearded Lady, who was abandoned by her parents at the circus.

One of the contestants, Betty Blue, self-described as a “day younger than spring” said that she’s always had a crush on Jake. And while the competition was stiff, she says, “I know Jake only has an eye for me.”  Unfortunately for Betty, Jake’s scaly hand in marriage went to another hopeful, local girl Monica Midnight, aka Monica Morley, who has competed for a number of years and finally took home the prize. This year, she was a tad green from a love potion gone wrong that she made last year to try to win Jake’s heart. The title of bridesmaid went to another local, Katy Kosmic.

If you think you have the looks and talent to attract Jake’s eye, you’re invited to register as one of the official 2020 participants!  Registration is only $10.00, and you’ll receive a $10.00 coupon towards an official Jake the Alligator Man event t-shirt. More details coming soon!