Bride of Jake Contestant Merry Poser

Merry Poser (aka) Hermorphafrodity  a most dazzling contestants with a  delightful personality a real show stopper  with her super model frame covered in hair from head to toe, beauty brains and that little something extra she is the total package . Below is her submission to the bride of Jake contest. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming the next bride of Jake click HERE!

I was created under the big top tent. Well, maybe not quite under it,

but next to the generator outside. My parents were the highlights of

the circus freak side show. My mom was the bearded lady and my father

the strong man. They were madly in love. Sadly, they died tragically

in a canon related accident. My mother was to be shot from a canon

across the length of the big top. They lit the fuse, but nothing

happened. When my father peeked in the barrel of the canon to see if

she was alright; the canon suddenly shot propelling her right into my

him. They both died instantly. I vowed to leave the circus and never

return. The trouble is, you can’t forget where you came from and I

have to admit I miss it. Entering the bride of Jake contest is my baby

steps back to my roots. I would be a fantastic bride for Jake. My

ability to find beauty in all things has allowed me to see how

handsome Jake truly is…and I thought I had sex appeal. I imagine all

the fantastic times we’ll have taking holidays to exotic muddy

swamplands for some noodling…I am an expert at catching fish in this

manner! I understand that alligators have a slow metabolism. I would

take pride in capturing small lean animals for him to snack on. I

myself am a great lover and I’m very intrigued to try out his famous

‘death roll’ position. It turns me on just thinking about it.

I am ruggedly sexy! I got most of my beauty from my mother, but my

father had quite an influence over me, genetically, as well. Not only

do I have my mother’s beard, but my Father’s body hair too. I stopped

shaving about 12 years ago in honor of my heritage and because razors

irritate my delicate skin…razor burn is not sexy! In high school my

nickname was hermaphro. I think it was my five o’clock shadow that won

me the name. When we played Truth or Dare at parties making out with

me was always one of the dares. You always knew which boys had played

Seven Minutes of Heaven with me because they would show up at school

the next day with raw chins. High school was not a good time for me

and my life has been very lonely for the most part. When I heard about

this contest it stuck a cord in my heart. I thought to myself, “self,

you finally get a chance at love.” I’m also excited because even if I

don’t win it will be a great opportunity to meet other people with

eccentric physical aspects. So, not only do I get a chance at love,

but genuine friendship as well…Oh, happy days!


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