Beach Barons Award
Owner Jeremy Simmons, 1958 Hudson
Beach Barons Award
Owner Jeremy Simmons, 1958 Hudson next to John Pincetich's 1951 Chevrolet styleline deluxe.
Accepting the Beach Barons Award
Peoples Choice Award created by Max from Skull Clown
Owner Jason Raved, 1958 Olds Super 88
Jason Raved Accepting Peoples Choice
Bride of Jake Choice Award created by Brett Freeman
Owner Adolph Pinta, 1963 Type 34 Karmin Ghia
Jakes Choice Award created by Sean Donahue
Owner Duey Ames, 1932 Ford PU
Sean and Brett with Jake's Choice and Bride of Jake's Choice
Best trophies awarded at any show, our trophies deserve trophies!
Jakes Choice Award, created by Sean Donahue
Golden Rat Fink Jake this is a one of a kind art piece that will live on in car show infamy.

We added 2 new awards this year the first was the Beach Barron’s choice The BB have been a CC on the peninsula since the 1950’s they are a traditional car club yet unpretentious and very supportive of our show. These guys know a sweet ride when they see it and chose a 1948 Hudson owned by Jeremy Simmons of the Deviants. This car is in nearly original condition its remarkable in its size and style you could literally house a small family comfortably in this car. Next we added a Bride of Jake’s Choice award created by Brett Freeman this trophy embodied our theme featuring bigfoot a 2headed cow a flying saucer you get the picture it was also doubles as a bottle opener. If you know Brett this all makes perfect sense. It was awarded it to a rare  1963 Type 34 Karmin Ghia owned by Adolph Pinta. People’s choice created by Max skull clown was awarded to Jason Raved for hi  1958 Olds Super 88 this is a car that must be seen to truly appreciate the orange and black paint and chrome, it is a show stopper. Lastly the Jake’s Choice award created by Sean Donahue was a jaw dropper, a gilded RatFink version of Jake the detail and artisanship put into this piece deserved its own award. We knew the vehicle we chose had to be pretty special in a lot of ways so this years Jake’s Choice went toOwner Duey Ames, 1932 Ford PU this sturdy little truck is as cool as they come just like Duey who has been a core supporter of the show for many years representing the BB. He wasn’t present to accept the award so no photos of his truck yet but he did race back to the field when he found out he won and he is ecstatic with his trophy!   It’s tough to choose winners there are more deserving cars on the field than not and we are grateful to have such a problem, thank you car owners and thank you trophy artists you are what makes our show unique!

Car Show Awards & Winners

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