Eastside Speed Machine Confirmed and this time I mean it!

It seams every year I put these guys on the bill and every other year they cancel on me but this year I have it on good authority this wont happen I have it in blood they are going to be here ready to rip it up.

Eastside Speed Machine consist of former flapjacks members Louis Samora (guitar, vocals) Dan “Junior” Valadez (bass) Danny Knudsen (drums)This Rock ‘n’ Roll trio led by the legendary Louis Samora (founding member of the Jackals, the Flapjacks, and others; member of Los Explorers, the Torpedoes, the Rats, the Oblivion Seekers, the Lucky 13s, the Divining Rods, and many others), a fixture of the Portland punk, rockabilly, and rock ‘n’ roll music scene since the 70s.

Following in the tradition of the Flapjacks and the Jackals ESSM will blow your socks off with their no frills greaser rock n roll. Like em on Facebook!

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