Millie Vermillion

WIN! Fame fortune a basket chock full of goodies and gift certificates and most importantly Jake’s scaly hand in marriage.

This years theme is SEEING IS BELIEVING!
Entrants are encouraged to dream up anything  that takes advantage  the chosen theme. Please use your imagination to interpret our Ripley’s Believe it or Not inspired theme and most importantly have fun. Keep in mind the “talent” segment is quite popular, you will have 4 minutes or less to show us what you’ve got from a joke to a song and dance to a full blown profession of your undying love.  Its less about talent and more about a fun show.  After 4 minutes a hook comes out and you will be escorted off the stage unless you are so incredibly amazing that we don’t even notice and given the nature of this competition that isn’t likely.

A few things to keep in mind when creating your act and costume. The contest takes place mid afternoon and there are many families with children present watch your language and keep your clothes on for this one.

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  2. Questions and or Comments
  3. Tell us about yourself spin a interesting tale no facts checked here. This is a great place to setup the talent portion of your act.

The Bride of Jake Contest is Sponsored by Lucky Cupcake Hairclips!