Millie Vermillion

WIN! Fame fortune & most important Jake’s scaly hand in marriage!

This year’s theme is Out of This World!  
Entrants are encouraged to dream up anything  that takes advantage  the chosen theme. The “talent” segment is quite popular, you will have 4 minutes or less to show us what you’ve got from a joke to a song and dance to a full blown profession of your undying love. If you would rather spin  The Wheel of Talent for a random on the spot talent to perform this is a great option we are excited to introduce this year and should prove to be very entertaining! All in good fun Fun FUN! Nothing too hard, creepy or harmful. As always its less about talent and more about a fun show!


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  3. Tell us about yourself spin a interesting tale no facts checked here. This is a great place to setup the talent portion of your act.

The Bride of Jake Contest is Sponsored by Lucky Cupcake Hairclips!