Jake the Alligator man is a the most famous inhabitant of Marsh’s Free Museum in Long Beach Washington. For that matter he is the most famous resident on the Long Beach Peninsula. He is a mummified half man half gator, that toured as a circus gaff. In 1967 the Marsh’s family purchased him and he has been here ever since.  Other oddities on display,  one of the few authentic shrunken heads in the U.S. A two headed calf, eight legged lamb, flat head Indian skull, bowl made of human skin, the list gos on and on. You could spend all day in the museum return the next day and still see something you missed. Marsh’s Free Museum is truly a old fashioned curiosity shoppe a treasure hidden in the Pacific North West.

Jake has enjoyed his share of fame and fortune and brought much to his community weather they like to admit it or not. I know it’s hard to believe but some people find Jake creepy even gross. Over the last 4 years the Long Beach Merchants Association has thrown a party for Jake the first year he received the Key to the City and had a grand cake. Preceding years he has added live music, Burlesque entertainers, Side Show, Car Show and the Bride of Jake Pin up Contest.