Jake the Alligator Man is an alleged half-man, half-alligator creature on display in apparently mummified condition at Marsh’s Free Museum, located at 409 South Pacific Avenue in Long Beach, Washington. He was acquired by the Marshes for $750 in 1967 from an antique store.

A postcard image was used by the WeeklyWorld News on November 9, 1993 for a front-page article, “Half-human, half-alligator discovered in Florida swamp.” The periodical subsequently reported on his escape from captivity, killing of a Miami man, and giving birth.

Jake has acquired a cult following in Northwestern popular culture. His 75th birthday party is held annually in early August on the Long Beach, Washington peninsula, and features events such as a bachelor party, car show, bridal contest, and live music.  Bumper stickers featuring the oddity can be commonly seen throughout Washington and Oregon.