Event Schedule

Doors open at 6:00
First act scheduled to go on at 7:00

Saturday event schedule
This is a general idea of how we would like the day to go things happen so don’t hold us to each band or event going on at the exact time on the schedule.

12:00 The Surf Weasels
~1:00 Cake Parade~
1:15 Back Alley Barbers
2:30 Wave Sauce
3:40 Bride of Jake Pinup Contest
Nina’s Hula Lesson for the kids
4:30 Announce B.O.J.
4:45 The Graceland Five
6:00 The Three Bad Jacks
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Art 2013

We cant rave enough about all of the amazing artists who come together to create some fantastic art pieces from  trophys, music, t shirts, performances, even a Jake gaff and many more items. Jake the Alligator Man inspires the  best of the best and we are grateful!

Velvet Elvis-Jake Dash Plaque created by SKULLCLOWN

Velvet Elvis-Jake Dash Plaque created by SKULLCLOWN

Jake's Choice Trophy. Created by Mystery Tentacle Inc

Jake’s Choice Trophy. Created by Mystery Tentacle Inc

2013 Event T created by Vintage Roadside

2013 Event T created by Vintage Roadside



Car Show Trophy created by SKULLCLOWN


















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Bride of Jake The Infamous Nina Nightshade


After years of being Jake’s mistress, Nina has decided its her turn to
be Jakes number one gal. She’s stood beside him through many brides, always knowing he has a special place in his heart set aside just for he. She made him the stunning smoking jacket you sometimes see him donning. She has made his family her own and her family a part of Jake’s.


Nina loves Jake. It’s that simple. Whether as his mistress or
his bride, she will continue to stand by him. Nina Nightshade is Oregons’s First Lady of Burlesque, Bellydancer Extraordinaire, Costume Queen, Squid Lover and an overall Jackie of all trades.


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Bride of Jake ~ Sissy Jones

Sissy Sweet Tea – Sweet as Sugar, harder than ice.

Just your not so normal girl from Salem, who loves glitter and Coors

light. When I was on vacation one summer back in 1992, I first met Jake, and that is when the crush began. I can decorate a cake better than any boss and that is how I plan on winning Jake heart, by making the sweetest, most epic cake you have ever saw. Ms. Kay doesn’t have anything on me.

truck 2


You are looking at the Rust ‘O Rama Pinup Queen 2011 and Rockabilly Round-up Pinup Queen 2011 as well. Most recently I was published in Built Not Bought. When I am not in the kitchen making tasty treats you can find me at the shooting range or in the shop working on vehicle of some kind. I do what the boys do; I just look cuter doing it.

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Bride of Jake ~ Gracie Blue Eyes

RaechelBillGracie here…Jake was one of the first people I met when I moved to
Long Beach. We hit it off right away and soon fell in love!! But alas,
I was young and thought the grass would be greener on the other side,
as do most young girls and I left Long Beach and my love behind to see
the world, find my career, find myself. I have since traveled the
world and saw many places, but there was always something missing. It
wasn’t until I visited the Gates of Graceland, standing there in the
King’s jungle room, that I realized the thing I had been searching for
all this time was was back in Long Beach!! Jake please forgive me,
traveling the world doesn’t mean anything unless I have you at my
side. Your Gracie Blue Eyes is coming back to you and I want to be
your bride!!

Raechel has been a performer since she started dancing at the age of
three. She has been in several dance competition teams and held
several titles. Raechel was also in several bands, one of which she
played the saxophone, and toured Europe. She has held several local
and state pageant titles including Miss Long Beach, in the Miss
Washington USA pageant. The highlight of her career was working as a
character actor and dancer in the parades and shows at Walt Disney
World. Raechel is new to the pin up girl scene, but is looking forward
to this new chapter in her life.


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