All ages welcome Saturday August 4th 2018 as we celebrate Jake’s 12th Annual 75th Birthday Party with a Car Show,  Cake Parade, the ever-popular Bride of Jake Contest and live music all day long, vendors and Roain Taiko Drumming.

Schedule of Saturday Events 2018

*This is a general idea of how the day SHOULD go
due to the nature of events we cannot guarantee exact times.

This isn’t even close to what the schedule will finalize as.

11:00 –

12:00 – Shaken Growlers

1:00 – The Surfbroads

2:00 –  RoinTaiko Drumming

*2:15 – Cake Parade

3:00 – Bride of Jake

4:00 – Exaserbators

5:00 -the Latter Day Skanks