All ages welcome Saturday August 4th 2018 as we celebrate Jake’s 12th Annual 75th Birthday Party with a Car Show,  Cake Parade, the ever-popular Bride of Jake Contest and live music all day long, vendors and Roain Taiko Drumming.

Schedule of Saturday Events 2018

*This is a general idea of how the day SHOULD go
due to the nature of events, we cannot guarantee exact times.

11:00 – Gina Belliveau

12:00 – Shaken Growlers

1:00 – The Surfbroads

2:00 –  RoinTaiko Drumming

*2:15 – Cake Parade

3:00 – Bride of Jake

4:00 – The Von Howlers

5:00 – Exaserbators

6:00 -the Latter Day Skanks