WELCOME Vintage Trailers!

The Plan:
This is the first year we are inviting Vintage Trailers to the show and we couldn’t be more excited! Because this is the first year we have details to work out so please bear with us as it unfolds. With your patients we think this has potential to be a fantastic addition to the show and fun for everyone involved. RSVP is crucial to reserve a spot and we only have 6 spaces available on the grassy field with over flow in a adjacent parking lot. Send questions suggestions and RSVP sirenboutique@hotmail.com If you are on facebook you can RSVP by asking to join this group Jake the Alligator Man VT Show


Hai Fleisch & Charolotte Treuse at the Sou’Wester

Camping options:
Option 1 You are welcome to reserve one of 6 spaces available on the show field. Amenities are limited to electrical hook up and a public restroom. Veterans field is in the center of our little town so plenty to do and see do right there. If we get more than 6 registered trailers we have space to show in a adjacent parking lot, no overnight camping in the parking lot.
Option 2 For a well rounded Vintage Trailer experience show your trailer during Car Show, event hours 11 to 5. After the show move over to the Sou Wester only about 1 mile from the show.  Click HERE for a list of the other RV parks in the area.

Click HERE for a printable registration form – Mail to PO Box 896 Long Beach WA 98631

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